We have an amazing group of therapists with a ton of experience here at A Turning Pointe.  Because of this, we’ve been lucky enough to have some of our patients share their experiences.

Patient: FB

Age: 63                                                                                                

Diagnosis: Left sided pain, knee injury

I discovered Rolfing Structural Integration as a last ditch attempt to correct my debilitating posture issues caused by a botched patellectomy surgery done 43 years ago in the U.S. Navy. My issues ranged from scoliosis caused by structural deficiencies from loss of the kneecap, to ROM issues in my arms and legs. I was able to compensate by over using my left side for many years until that side broke down in a series of abnormalities that caused huge arthritic conditions throughout my body. I became totally disabled and was put on social security with an 80% rated disability from the Veteran’s Administration. I have spent the last 43 years having to consciously try to be mobile (which should be an unconscious effort), without knowing how unbalanced and damaging my attempts were to my body. This reduced my ability to be as productive as I should be, as my focus was always in trying to move without pain.

Through a long series of visits to A Turning Pointe Physical Therapy seeing Nola Petrucelly, I have re-gained most of my mobility. I have had a tremendous decrease in pain through her manipulations such that I am able to get back to work and become productive again. Her techniques using Rolfing Structural Integration has given me the confidence that in the near future I may be able to sleep, walk, sit, and stand without constant pain. I am hopeful that I may even be able to do more athletic endeavors like ride a bike and play golf again.

I would heartily recommend this therapy to anyone who has dysfunctional body movement and is willing to have her manipulate their structure to re-align to its proper shape.  I spent many years trying to achieve this using chiropractic, but finally realized my muscle misalignment was preventing it from being of any permanence. Nola’s technique does provide lasting re-alignment as the muscles become relaxed and in their proper orientation as we were born with and bone re-alignment follows naturally.


Patient: BC

Age: 10                                                                          

Diagnosis: Unexplained Chronic Headaches

B.C. has suffered from headaches since she was 5 years old. The only thing that has helped was ibuprofen. Last fall we were referred to A Turning Pointe PT and decided to try some sessions. B.C. is doing so much better. She is only going to the health room at school once a week vs. daily. Her need for ibuprofen has greatly decreased. She is able to communicate aches in her body so we can work on relieving the stress thus stopping the headaches. This was our best choice in care to date.   (Testimonial written by patient’s mother)

Patient: JC

Age: 26

Diagnosis: Lyme’s Disease with Lymphedema                      

I was referred to Nola since she is highly specialized in the treatment and management of lymphedema.  Honestly, I was not expecting to see results as I have seen numerous practitioners over the years (physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc.).  While all of them were helpful with temporarily reducing my lymphedema,  none of these practitioners got to the root of why I had this problem in the first place and what would put an end to it.  At my first appointment Nola thoroughly educated me on the important role of the lymphatic system and how it is supposed to function.  She also told me about a device called a BEMER Pro that she uses in her practice for patients with lymphedema and how it has helped many of them significantly.  After using it a few times I could tell a noticeable improvement in my swelling, especially in my knees, legs, and stomach.  Nola’s measurements confirmed this.  Because of these improvements I decided to purchase the BEMER Pro.  I could not be happier with the results I have seen from using it twice daily for seven weeks!  The lymphedema is barely noticeable anymore.  I also feel like my chronic fatigue and brain fog is improving.  Another benefit I have noticed from using the BEMER Pro is that I am taking a lot less vitamins/ nutritional supplements.  This is due to increased microcirculation,  which is allowing the nutrients to get in to my cells.  I look forward to seeing continued improvement and using my BEMER Pro for many years to come.

Patient: TM

Age: 65

Diagnosis: Acute Cranial Issues, Degenerative Disk Disease

After 4 years of working with Gene, I have continued mobility and improvement in my head, neck, and throughout my body that had been affected due to past injuries and surgeries.


Patient: IF

Age: 39

Diagnosis: Lymphoma, Lymphedema, Lumbar Disk Bulge

After completing 14 rounds of weekly chemo, I was referred to Nola (A Turning Pointe PT) to help assist with the post-chemo recovery process, and to alleviate the chronic lymphoma symptoms that are debilitating, each and every day. Specifically, Nola’s gifted hands and experience have aided in a decrease of the  neuropathy in my hands and feet and the systemic lymphedema. In addition, and importantly, sessions have helped to lift the “daily” cancer drain fatigue” that causes a constant flu-like ache. After each visit with Nola, I am able to perform light exercise and I feel “normal” again for several days.

Patient: N/A

Age: 55    

Diagnosis: Right Knee Pain

Laurie is experienced and very knowledgeable. I saw results in my ability to walk after the first visit. The entire staff at A Turning Pointe PT are kind and professional.

Patient: LG

Age: 66                                                                                    

Diagnosis: Stroke & Neuropathy

Laurie has helped with loosening up my shoulder and has helped to get more circulation in my feet. The therapeutic massages have been fantastic…something I’ve never had before.  Stacey uses a Biodex Balance machine to help with my balance. She also stated that my stroke affected my right leg as well as my right arm. She has me lifting 4 lb leg weights to strengthen my upper legs. The service at A Turning Pointe PT has been great and I am getting better and able to do my exercises. I also love that they give me a reminder call before my appointment.


Patient: CM

Age: 49   

Diagnosis: Neck & Jaw Pain, Headaches

This is the first physical therapy that hasn’t made my pain worse, and I have been doing PT [at different locations] since my injury in 2008. My muscle spasms are getting much less severe and they’re less frequent, and my mobility is slowly increasing since starting therapy with Laurie in August of 2015. I definitely recommend A Turning Pointe PT!


Patient: RG

Age: 46

Diagnosis: Cervical Dystonia

I have been seeing Gene for the better part of 4 years to help with a variety of mental and physical issues. He is really a life-saver. We’re making a lot of breakthroughs, and I have to say that my quality of life is much improved! If you’re looking for good quality care with a caring human touch, this is the place to be. There’s something for everyone at A Turning Pointe PT. Warm wishes to you all who are seeking some answers in your life.


Patient: BK

Age: 73

Diagnosis: Right Frozen Shoulder, Shoulder Pain

Nola is extremely knowledgeable in structural integration and pain management. She uses  deep massage to release tight myofascia. Her treatments have helped to release the tight structures in my joint that are impeding the movement of my shoulder.