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Physical therapy improves balance and prevents falls

December 11, 2013
Dr. Jerry Moczerniuk P.T., D.P.T. , Clinical Director, db Orthopedic Physical Therapy Association


Research has shown that approximately 1/3 of all adults over the age of 65 suffer from at least one fall annually, the prevalence increases to 50 percent in adults over the age of 80. My goal for writing this article is to help the reader understand the reasons why adults over the age of 65 fall, and how to decrease the risk for falls in such population.

Falls are not only an inconvenience, but have also contributed in a major way to health care costs and disability in the older adults. Studies have shown that 20 percent of falls require some sort of medical attention. Furthermore, up to 10 percent of people who suffer from a fall sustain major injury such as major contusion/laceration, head trauma and disabling fractures. Fractures are a greater risk for patients with osteoporosis. You may also be surprised to find out that complications from falls are the leading cause of death from injury in adults over the age of 65.

There are multiple reasons why people fall and they include prior history of falls, visual deficits, gait abnormality, lower extremity weakness, arthritis, balance deficits and environmental hazards. As we age balance regresses, joints become more arthritic, flexibility decreases and reaction time slows down. However, balance impairments can be improved and the risk for falls can be reduced, with practice.

Medical studies show effectiveness of physical therapy interventions in treatment of balance dysfunction and therefore decreasing the risk for falls. Exercise programs may target strength, balance, flexibility or endurance. Programs that contain two or more of these components reduce rate of falls and number of people falling.

A skilled physical therapist is capable of accurately diagnosing balance dysfunction and risk for falls by a comprehensive evaluation including history taking, physical examination, as well as functional/balance tests.At db Orthopedic Physical Therapy we also utilize the Biodex Biosway system, a balance system created for accurate assessment of balance dysfunction and training purposes. The system allows us to establish a balance baseline, train, and later re-assess the patient to determine progress.

Physical therapy treatment should be patient specific and based on needs established during initial evaluation. Most often it will consist of a combination of balance activities, functional training, strengthening and stabilization exercises, as well as environmental awareness/modification training with the patient.

Dr. Moczerniuk is a doctor of physical therapy, member of American Physical Therapy Association, and a clinical director at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy of Manalapan, located at 120 Craig Road, Suite 2. Dr. Moczerniuk can be reached at 732-462-2162, via e-mail atJerry@dborthopt.com, or visit dborthopt.com.

The Domancic Method of BioEnergetic Healing

“The information of  health is contained in this energy… making every illness curable.”      –  Z. Domancic

Domancic Method of BioEnergetic Healing, A Turning Pointe Physical Therapy, Spokane WA

We are all built from two components – biochemicals and energy. The energy of the bodies of humans and animals is known as bioenergy – the energy of life. This force surrounds every cell, providing a blueprint for the physical body and serving as a medium for the flow of information through the body. Bioenergy also extends outside of the physical body, creating low frequency electromagnetic fields around us (as well as other subtle energy fields).

Bioenergy therapy is a method based on transmission of energy from one organism to another in order to improve the individual’s condition. Technically defined, bioenergy therapy involves the replenishment of human “bio-currents” and the elimination of energy blocks and disturbances. All things that happen to a physical body are reflected in its energy flow. Biocurrents that are manifested in the biofield surrounding the body are also known as the aura. This energetic aura emits vibrations that can be detected and also measured.

Using this intelligent energy, the Zdenko Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy combines simple techniques in specific proven protocols that benefit all health conditions and renew overall well being. It is gentle, non invasive, medicine free, sustainable and is the “greenest”, safest way to promote health – using life itself.

This method addresses health not illness and has been proven to be one of the most structured, most direct and most effective healing modalities in use today.

Balancing and directing bioenergetic information, this powerful therapy uses seven techniques to directly boosts the immune system to help to dissolve tumors, make lesions of MS disappear, and relieve headaches. After the level one seminar, a Domancic Method student has the knowledge needed to practice the therapy and obtain consistent healing results.

The current teacher in the United States – Zoran Hochstatter has been entrusted by Zdenko Domancic to be the sole representative of his Method in the English-speaking world. Zoran teaches all the official Domancic Method seminars in the USA, UK and Canada and is committed to teaching the method in its purest form. He spends his time healing and teaching in the US and Europe.

Since 2007, official Domancic Method Bioenergy Training seminars have been held in the USA, UK and Canada. Seminars are comprised of people of all ages, backgrounds and ways of life. Doctors, nurses, vets along with practitioners of other methods of complementary healthcare such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, Chiropractors, Acupuncture, and Homeopathy learn side by side with truck drivers, computer scientists, stock brokers and devoted family members who were being introduced to a healing modality for the first time and all have similar positive results.

We are excited to announce that at the request of  A Turning Pointe Physical Therapy, Spokane will have it’s first Level One BioEnergy Training seminar in October 2013!!! If you are interested in attending, please contact us directly at 509-326-8878 or send an email to admin@turningpointept.com. We are filling up fast and only have a few spots left!!!

Also, if you are interested in learning more about this amazing therapy, please watch THINK ABOUT IT, a documentary about bioenergy healing featuring the creator of the method, Zdenko Domancic, along with cutting edge researchers such as Dean Radin and Marilyn Schlitz.

There are more great videos here highlighting the amazing results gained with Bioenergetic Healing using the Domancic Method.

For more info and testimonials please visit the official website for the Domancic Method USA,UK and Canada (www.healingbioenergy.com)

Read daily testimonials on their official facebook page. (www.facebook.com/bioenergy)

And, as always…..”Feel Better!!!”




a turning pointe gravity


When it comes to structural integration, gravity is our best friend. When properly aligned, our bodies hold our strength and form better, injuries are prevented and our circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems are allowed to run their course properly.

Imagine a 2 pound cantaloupe on the end of a 2 foot stick. If we were to grab the base of the stick and hold the melon straight up, most of us would have little problem doing so. The direct downward pressure would be manageable enough for our hands, forearms and back to accommodate. Now, slowly lean the stick and melon away from you. Doing this changes the muscles that are being used to support it. Tension is removed from the back and biceps and placed squarely on the forearms and front body wall. The further the stick leans, the greater the pressure and eventually, even the strongest among us would be unable to keep the stick aloft.

Or, imagine a carefully stacked pile of rocks, where each stone is resting on its neighbor in the perfect manner in order to keep the pile upright. Could any of the stones be replaced with a different one and still keep its position? Would the removal of part of one stone, an injury perhaps, keep the stone strong enough to do its function? Sure, if one of the middle stones is injured we could create a patch (surgery) to repair the damage or shore up the weakness …… but the damage would still remain. The tower would still be weakened.

Some individuals may perceive their losing fight with gravity as a sharp pain in their back, others as the unflattering contour of their body, others as constant fatigue, yet others as an unrelentingly threatening environment.  Those over forty may call it old age.  And yet all these signals may be pointing to a single problem so prominent in their own structure, as well as others, that it has been ignored: they are off balance, they are at war with gravity.

Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.

Thankfully, we aren’t sticks and stones. Though we’re subject to the same laws of gravity, our bodies are blessed with the ability to heal and strengthen. Evolution has blessed us with the ability to retrain our soft tissue so that we may remedy the damage done by most injuries. Additionally, even after years of overcompensation, we can retrain our tissues to relieve us of the maladies we’ve inflicted on ourselves.

Remember that car accident 20 years ago? Your left knee was injured and you’ve been listing to the right since then and now your lower back pain is too much to tolerate. Those headaches? Are they caused by the vertebra that was tweaked and had been altering  nerve impulses to and from the brain? Is proper organ function being interfered with because of your worsening scoliosis?

Structural integration and our related practices are not miracle cures. What they do is attempt to place your body back into a position where your native systems can work to their maximum effectiveness. We don’t heal you. You heal yourself.

At A Turning Pointe Physical Therapy, we know that your body can be your best friend and most effective hearing resource. We want you to “Feel Better!”

This is the gospel of Rolfing: When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through.  Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.

Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.