It happens to the best of us.

You injured your knee playing basketball 25 years ago.  Now after years of compensating, your hips and lower back are paying the price.

Your second pregnancy shifted your pelvis a little too far and it’s not shifting back.  Or…

You jump for your toy and come down on your tail, cracking a vertabrae.  It happens.

The bodies that we are given are a unit with individual yet connected parts.  It may be your back or pelvis or tail that’s hurting but the cause or effect may be elsewhere.  Enzo’s broken tail, if not given proper attention, would affect the sway of his hips as he runs.  Soon after that, his lower back would be affected, too.  Instead, with a bit of acute care from our Vet and ongoing therapy in the form of PEMF and manual therapy, our boy will be a happy, playful pup very soon.  He is a perfect analogy for how we can all bounce back after most of life’s bruisings.

What is PEMF? In brief, it is an electrical device that uses magnetism to increase circulation in and around the affected area.  This increases the oxygen level and white-blood cell count in that area and allows your body’s natural processes to work more effectively.  For Enzo, the manual therapy will address the integration and alignment issues and the PEMF will aid in the battle against swelling and infection.  He’ll be out chasing chickens and goats again in no time.  If all goes well, he’ll be doing so without an extra wiggle in his backside.

Think about all those old injuries that you’ve had.  How have they affected your gait over the years.  By leaning a bit further to the left to ease the pain on your right knee, for example, you’re putting extra stress on other parts of the body.  If we can address the root cause, you may have to relearn how to stand up straight again, but you’ll be taller and stronger because of it.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your tail in here!


Of Grace and Gravity

Sometimes, it’s so very difficult to explain what Rolfing or Structural Integration is.

We can say that it is the lengthening and strengthening of the soft tissues.  We explain that everyone’s body has an ideal place or placement for their muscles; that your tendons have a place to live in your body that will provide you maximum flexibility.  We can tell you that, given room to flex and “breathe”, your muscles will strengthen and grow and bring you to a point where you can be taller, stronger, faster, leaner or simply live without the pain that has been haunting you for years.

Sometimes we at A Turning Pointe are able to properly explain our thoughts and sometimes we cannot.  In order to help share with our friends (you) more about the benefits of Rolfing, we’d like you to watch this short film.  In it you’ll see and hear some of the most senior practitioners of the Structural Integration (SI), and in their own voices you may be able to hear how it can be as much of an art as it is a therapy.  These folks have studied with Dr Rolf in the early days of SI and have done a magnificent job at teaching not just the science of her work, but the beauty of it as well.  The title, Of Grace and Gravity, is quite apt.


Courtesy of BKube Productions

Dr Ida Rolf was undoubtedly one of the most significant women of the twentieth century. A great mind and pioneering thinker, a creative scientist years ahead of her time, she spent much of her life exploring the human capacity for healing. Her education, professional career and life circumstances led her to explore various modalities that gradually evolved into what become known as “Structural Integration” and then took on the name “Rolfing.” Essentially, Rolfing seeks to address the development and liberation of an individual’s innate human potential, with the palliation of symptoms an ancillary benefit. Dr Rolf was initially educated and trained within the empiricism of scientific academia and remained firmly rooted in those traditions. Her work was founded upon the physics of aligning the human body within the field of gravity. She integrated her scientific perspective with mind-body awareness without relying on an eastern mystical philosophy to justify her conclusions. It is clear from her writings and teachings that her studies of biological chemistry and physics provided critical insight, inspiring such statements as, “You cannot change the energy field, but you can change the man–the body will go as far as it will physically go, within the laws of physics.” and “What would happen to behavior if you changed chemistry? The first way to change chemistry is to change physics.” Dr Rolf conceived of “Rolfing” as a gateway into making progressive changes within the human organism, encompassing the physical, intellectual and emotional aspects.

Ida Rolf: Of Grace and Gravity, will explore Dr Rolf’s life, work and legacy.



Dynamic Manual Therapy / Lowen System

Hello, Friends

I’ve received a few e-mails and phone calls this week asking questions about DMI, including how to find practitioners outside of the Spokane Area.  While we’re always happy to answer any questions that folks may have, you may find answers to most of your DMI related questions at their site.

Certified practitioners may be found at :

Certified Practitioners and Teachers

Don’t hesitate to call or write with any questions that you may have.  We’ll do whatever we can to make you “Feel Better!”


Never stop learning!

After a short ten day stay-cation, I’m back in the office. Though I didn’t go to any tropical locales or on a luxurious cruise, I did get to step away from my daily life and enjoy some “Me” time. Additionally, I took the opportunity to add to my knowledge base by attending a four-day training seminar on various aspects of Dynamic Manual Interface (DMI).

The first class, taught by our very own Laurie Levine-Lowen, was a great reminder of our complex fluid pressure system (venous and arterial blood flow) and its intricate interplay with the body’s biomechanics. The second, taught by Frank Lowen, DMI’s creator, was a class addressing the fluid pressure system as it relates specifically to the foot. As a rolfer, I see so many patients in which the foot is either culprit or victim of ailment or injury so I’m certain this class will be helpful. Two days in class with Frank were amazing yet it wasn’t nearly enough time to fully understand what conditions can be addressed using the fluid pressure system in regards to the foot biomechanics.

I’ve been a PT for 11 years and a practitioner of Rolfing (Structural Integration) for 8 of those years.  Rolfing is notorious for being an aggressive type of body work with its focus on manipulation of muscles and fascia. I gravitated towards this type of work while looking for an answer to the chronic, recurring pain and injury that my clients kept coming in with. Numerous recipients of Rolfing have had resolution of persistent conditions after failing traditional physical and massage therapy treatments so I am utterly convinced of its worth and effectiveness. But even Rolfing has its limitations for some recipients. DMI is a more subtle, energetic body work. Not only am I amazed by its extensive anatomical foundation, I’m thoroughly convinced that it, like Rolfing, can address numerous structural integration issues. Additionally, it touches areas of pain mitigation and circulatory improvement that Rolfing cannot address. The particulars of the therapy are too intricate and detailed to convey here so please feel free to visit their site to find out more about what DMI is and what it is not.

Even after my exposure to DMI through contact with ATP staff members (Gene Suzuki, Laurie Levine-Lowen and Ara Jo Rising) that have been utilizing it for years, I had little to no understanding of exactly what it is and it’s specific application. Now, through the insights learned from my wonderful instructors, I feel that I’ll be able to put some of the dynamic principles into use with my own patients.



Il Principesso has returned!

Hello, dear Friends.  You’ll all be relieved to know that the little prince, Enzo, has returned safely from vacation and is seeing patients again.  He’ll be there to greet you at the door of A Turning Pointe and to join a few of you on the therapy table.  Ask him about his hiking adventures and his tales of goat and chicken wrangling when you see him.

He’s happy to help make you “Feel Better” so come on in!


Oh, and the guy who’s lap he sits in is back, too!



Il Principesso Enzo

Sometimes, a dog is more than just a dog.

Our new friend, Enzo, is our therapy dog in-training.  The goal is to get him to the point where he can be an island of calm for our patients to rest on during their therapy sessions.

At times, a person’s physical pain, mixed with their trepidation about a new type of therapy can make that person remain tense and hold on to their pain and tension.  Enzo has shown an aptitude for helping our patients rest easy during their visits so that the practices we perform can take hold easier. His warm presence and his gentle demeanor make him a wonderful companion on your path to wellness.

Our dear friend and patient, Vera, loves him so much that her visits with Gene wouldn’t be the same without the little prince.  When she arrives, her first words are regarding Enzo.  “Where’s the little boy?”, she says and they’re both so happy when he gets to sit with her for a bit.

Most of Nola’s clients can expect a visit from him while they’re on the table but he is often on-hand in the lobby greeting visitors and keeping them entertained until their therapist is ready.

No dogs are fully hypo-allergenic but Enzo was selected partially because of the nature of Italian greyhounds to have a coat that is less prone to shedding and dander.  Plus, he’s so dang cute!  For our visitors that wish a dog-free experience, please let us know and we’d be happy to find another place for Enzo to be during your visit.

Enzo and all the staff would love to have you come in and “Feel Better”.

All set and ready to go!

Hello, Friends. The new site is all up and running. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be broadcasting a lot of info about our clinic, our wonderful therapists and the therapies that we perform.

A clinic is just an empty office without the wonderful folks that come through the door and a web presence is nothing if good folks like yourself don’t read and interact with it. We would love to have your input on any variety of topics: your life and health concerns, stories about your path to wellness and, really, anything you feel like sharing. While all aspects of the site are up and running, we know there will be a few bugs to work out. If you happen to see a broken link or glitch anywhere in the website, Facebook, Twitter triangle, please feel free to drop us a line. Any critique will do nothing but help us get better and stronger.

Thanks for paying attention and we all hope you “Feel Better”!

Happy Independence Day!!

Hello, Friends

There are no available appointments today or on Tuesday to mention.  We do wish to remind our friends that we are going to be closed on Monday because of the holiday.  We’ll return on Tuesday.

We certainly hope that you all have a fun, sunny and safe holiday weekend.

Feel Better!

I’ve Hijacked the Boss’s Computer!


Dan here!

During my seven months at A Turning Pointe PT, I’ve been so lucky as to become acquainted with many of our spectacular guests that come in here for their PT needs.  I’ve met the cutest babies and the most senior of the senior citizens, dance kids and honorable WWII veterans, hammer swingers and starving artists.  So far, I’m happy to say that every single day brings a new conversation with an interesting guest.

You may notice that we’re going through a few changes with how we present ourselves on the internet and in social media.  The plan is to make ourselves more accessible to the public world in order to share our knowledge on healing practices, healthful information and, of course, to let you good folks know more about us and how we can help with your physical therapy needs and in pain reduction.  We’ll be increasing the ways that you can get hold of us and access our information by converting from a website to a more interactive blog-style format.  In the creation of this we’ll also be able to get more feedback from the public that will help us to improve our services.  We’re anxious to start the experiment and we’re equally anxious to hear from you.

What won’t be changing is our strong focus on personal attention from our therapists.  We always have and always will strive to give full attention during our hour-long, one-on-one physical therapy sessions.  We shall continue to offer sound, alternative therapies including structural integration (rolfing), Dynamic Manual Interface, Holistic Manual Therapy and Lymphedema Management to name a few.

So come on in and feel better.  We’d love to see you.