A Turning Pointe Physical Therapy (ATP) is a unique provider of Integrative Physical Therapy that offers focused client rehabilitation and injury prevention.  This specialized therapy is delivered through 60 minute, one-on-one therapy sessions, with a Licensed Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist. No therapy aids are utilized to treat patients at all. This is coupled with focused, integrative therapy and traditional therapeutic techniques.  A client’s experience at ATP  is not the typical ‘clinic-type’ of experience.  ATP always provides a warm and inviting atmosphere facilitating a calm and tranquil experience.  The focus is always on a productive therapist/client relationship to enhance recovery, prevention of injuries and overall wellness.

ATP is located in Spokane one block from Providence Sacred Heart Hospital in the medical hub of downtown Spokane.   Here we offer specialized care focusing on the following core beliefs:

1.  A client will recover faster and more effectively through a “hands-on,” focused, one-on-one, therapist/client treatment relationship.

2.  The Therapist is a not only a provider of physical therapy treatment, but also an educator.

3.  Therapy sessions are focused on client outcome rather than practice income.

4.  Injury prevention and wellness are integral to your health and recovery.  This is our responsibility to you and our goal as a treatment facility.