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Relating to the boring but necessary functions of the office.

Finding us on the Spokane Bus Routes

After being in this building for so many years, you’d think we would know the bus routes we’re on.

Well, we don’t, but after a bit of research, we’ve found out that answer and have this handy Spokane Transit Authority map to help folks get to us at our South Hill office.  The #2 and #44 buses go right near us and the bus stop is about 300 ft east of us in front of Sacred Heart Hospital.

STA 2011System Map

At all times, we’re just a phone call away to help with any information that you need to find us.  Give us a call at 509.326.8878 and “Feel Better!”

The Roots and Philosophy of DMI by Frank Lowen

A Turning Pointe PT has always been proud of our association with Frank Lowen and his associates.  Many of our therapists have attended Dynamic Manual Interface training sessions that he has moderated and they always return wiser and with a greater sense of healing and a greater awareness of the capabilities of the human body.

In his newest book, The Roots and Philosophy of DMI, Frank highlights how DMI came about, the influences on him and his practice, and his vision for the application and evolution of DMI.  “A beautiful blending of art and science, DMI uses the body’s self-corrective mechanisms to restore balance, accelerate healing, decrease pain, and improve mental clarity.”

A few words of praise for Frank and his book:

“Frank Lowen performs miracles with his hands on even the most difficult patients and the illnesses they present with. Effortlessly bridging the gap between science, anatomy, and healing, Lowen has the gift of communicating what he perceives with his hands, his outer and inner vision, and his unique intelligence. Lowen is one of the most gifted healers of our time. I am excited that finally this sensitive, beautiful, and important work is now in writing and accessible to all of us.”
—Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, founder of the American Academy of Neural Therapy

“Frank Lowen has once again shown himself to be a master pearl diver. He dives into the ocean of information and consciousness, and subtly brings up the most exquisite pearls.”
—Judy Osborne, PT, LMT, LAc

You’ll find the book available for purchase on Amazon HERE.

Group Health Update


Hello, dear Friends

Here is the latest word regarding Group Health’s decision to remove  A Turning Pointe PT and Medical Lake PT  from their provider network.  First, a recap:

Several weeks ago, we were notified that effective September 4th, Group Health (GH) will remove us and several other clinics from their network.  We appealed this decision based on the clear fact that A Turning Pointe is an alternative clinic that provides service not found elsewhere in the greater Spokane area and that Medical Lake PT is the only physical therapy clinic in all of Medical Lake.  The GH decision would strip their members of their only choice for alternative care in Spokane or any kind of care in Medical Lake.  At the August 17th meeting that we had with the director of GH Provider Relations, our arguments were heard and, we think, well received.  At that point, we were told that a final decision would be forthcoming in approximately two weeks.

On August 30, we were notified that the final decision has yet to be made and that it may be another twenty days until it is made.

So, what does all this mean?

It means that as of Sunday, September 4th, until further notice, if your current authorization ends on or before September 4th, your visits past that date will not be covered.  If your authorization ends after Sep 4th, those authorizations WILL be covered.  This information came directly from Maureen Brooks, the regional Provider Relations manager.  Their decision stands until they rescind it, IF they rescind it.

We cannot guarantee that GH will make their decision in a timely matter or if it will be in our favor.  Some GH members have out-of-network benefits with their plan but that also may come with a higher out-of-pocket-expense.  We recommend that each of you consult your plan administrator or GH Customer Service to determine this.  We are happy to offer a reduced, out-of-pocket rate of $100 to or GH patient.  While we would regret the possible loss of providing service to our GH clients, we would understand if the out-of-pocket expense were prohibitive. The budget vs. health battle is a very real one and hard decisions must be made with your finances.

As soon as we get the final word from Group Health, we will be contacting all of our active patients to let them know the news.  Whether it is in our favor or not, you’ll need the information so that you can plan accordingly.  You may feel free to contact us at any time to ask us for an update on this matter.

If you wish to contact Group Health at their Spokane office to make direct inquiries, their number is 509.838.9100 or 1.800.497.221.

To Life!

Allow me to crow about a project that I’m involved in……and that I would love your support with.

I have scratched an item from my bucket list.  After finding reasons over the years to NOT try it, I have finally run out of excuses and have auditioned for a community theater production; Lake City Playhouse‘s upcoming presentation of Fiddler on the Roof.  For many years this has been my favorite production, with many reasons why.  It touches on a whole host of themes that relate to family, faith, friendship and the ability to live life regardless of the oppressive circumstances.  Plus, the music, songs and dances are simply fantastic!

With Steve Kane as Tevye and Renei Yarrow as Golda leading their family and fellow villagers through their struggles, you are certain feel the richness of this wonderful story.  Under the creative direction of Abbey Crawford, accompanied by the beautiful music created by Carolyn Jess and with the invigorating choreography of Ali Waud, this production is sure to please all comers.

I invite you and your family to support local businesses, community theater, and of course, me.  For tickets of any information, please call Lake City Playhouse at 208.667.1323.




Il Principesso has returned!

Hello, dear Friends.  You’ll all be relieved to know that the little prince, Enzo, has returned safely from vacation and is seeing patients again.  He’ll be there to greet you at the door of A Turning Pointe and to join a few of you on the therapy table.  Ask him about his hiking adventures and his tales of goat and chicken wrangling when you see him.

He’s happy to help make you “Feel Better” so come on in!


Oh, and the guy who’s lap he sits in is back, too!



Il Principesso Enzo

Sometimes, a dog is more than just a dog.

Our new friend, Enzo, is our therapy dog in-training.  The goal is to get him to the point where he can be an island of calm for our patients to rest on during their therapy sessions.

At times, a person’s physical pain, mixed with their trepidation about a new type of therapy can make that person remain tense and hold on to their pain and tension.  Enzo has shown an aptitude for helping our patients rest easy during their visits so that the practices we perform can take hold easier. His warm presence and his gentle demeanor make him a wonderful companion on your path to wellness.

Our dear friend and patient, Vera, loves him so much that her visits with Gene wouldn’t be the same without the little prince.  When she arrives, her first words are regarding Enzo.  “Where’s the little boy?”, she says and they’re both so happy when he gets to sit with her for a bit.

Most of Nola’s clients can expect a visit from him while they’re on the table but he is often on-hand in the lobby greeting visitors and keeping them entertained until their therapist is ready.

No dogs are fully hypo-allergenic but Enzo was selected partially because of the nature of Italian greyhounds to have a coat that is less prone to shedding and dander.  Plus, he’s so dang cute!  For our visitors that wish a dog-free experience, please let us know and we’d be happy to find another place for Enzo to be during your visit.

Enzo and all the staff would love to have you come in and “Feel Better”.

All set and ready to go!

Hello, Friends. The new site is all up and running. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be broadcasting a lot of info about our clinic, our wonderful therapists and the therapies that we perform.

A clinic is just an empty office without the wonderful folks that come through the door and a web presence is nothing if good folks like yourself don’t read and interact with it. We would love to have your input on any variety of topics: your life and health concerns, stories about your path to wellness and, really, anything you feel like sharing. While all aspects of the site are up and running, we know there will be a few bugs to work out. If you happen to see a broken link or glitch anywhere in the website, Facebook, Twitter triangle, please feel free to drop us a line. Any critique will do nothing but help us get better and stronger.

Thanks for paying attention and we all hope you “Feel Better”!

Happy Independence Day!!

Hello, Friends

There are no available appointments today or on Tuesday to mention.  We do wish to remind our friends that we are going to be closed on Monday because of the holiday.  We’ll return on Tuesday.

We certainly hope that you all have a fun, sunny and safe holiday weekend.

Feel Better!