Stacey Richards, MPT








Stacey is our our woman’s health therapist at A Turning Pointe Physical Therapy.  As a life-long resident of the west plains area, she worked for four years at our Medical Lake Physical Therapy office happily investing herself in the community’s health and welfare.

Her favorite part of being a physical therapist is spending one-on-one time with her patients and teaching them the tools they need to improve and hasten their recovery.  And she does have the tools, for sure.

Stacey’s focus is on Orthopedics and Women’s Health issues and, after she attained her Master of Physical Therapy degree from Eastern Washington University, she has focused her continuing education in the areas of pelvic floor function, pregnancy care, vestibular rehabilitation and orthopedic manual therapy to name just a few.

Because of her career long desire and ability to heal and mitigate pain, we watched Stacey become a leader for  the Medical Lake health community.  We are so excited to have her here at our Spokane office!!!

Give Stacey the chance to help you “Feel Better!”