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One of the unpleasant aspects of running an office like ours is the need to charge a fee when a client cancels an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice or shows up late to/doesn’t show up at all for their expected appointment.  We do this because of the way that our office visits are structured.  Our treatments are hour-long, one-on-one session. If a patient is expected and doesn’t show, or cancels too late, we still have to pay our staff for that time, keep the office running and fund all subsequent matters within the business as usual.  This poses a problem with our source of income, for we cannot bill a patient’s insurance for time not spent on the patient, even though we still incur expenses.

Some clinics have their therapists see multiple clients in the same period; one on the exercise machines, one with hot packs and one getting manual therapy.  This is usually coordinated with the help of one or more physical therapy aides.  If a patient doesn’t show up, it’s less of a loss due to there being others in the circuit. While that style of care in other clinics may work quite well, we’re set up to provide personalized care with a personal approach.  Unfortunately, when we prepare for a client that doesn’t show we incur a significant loss that needs to be recouped.

In the interest of fairness and decency, we do understand how acts of nature or personal circumstances such as illness or family hardships do interrupt your scheduled plans.  We do make exceptions on some occasions, but we must assess this charge on a fairly strict basis to allow for our unique services to continue to be offered.  We would rather have you cancel your visit, even with short notice, than to have you risk your safety on slick, snowy, or otherwise unsafe roads.  In addition, we would prefer you stay home with an illness rather than come into our office.  We just ask that you give us a call with as much notice as possible.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter,

As always…”Feel Better”

To reach us, please call 509-326-8878.