Nola Petrucelly, PT

Nola - full sizeI began my venture into healthcare with an extensive background in dance. I took classical ballet lessons for 14 years and jazz, lyrical, & character dance for 6 years. Through competitions in dance, I had the opportunity to travel to the former Soviet Union, Denmark, Spain, & Great Britain. Knee pain at 16 years of age lead me to seek the services of a physical therapist. Inspired by my recovery, I set out to study physical therapy (PT). I attended University of Washington in Seattle from 1994-1999 and then returned to Spokane with a Bachelor’s Degree in PT to begin my career.

After 4 years in the PT field (including specialties in lymphedema management and treatment of the performing artist/dancer/athlete), I became interested in Structural Integration (SI) and received a ten-session series from Ron McCombs, who had the distinct honor of being personally trained by Ida Rolf in the 1960s. Enthused by SI’s philosophy and potential to elicit human evolution, I applied and was accepted to attend a certification program offered by the Guild for Structural Integration. I completed my training and became a Certified Practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration in November of 2003. I now offer these services through A Turning Pointe Physical Therapy.

I am also a trained and certified practitioner of SI for canines and horses. Having attended The Equine Natural Movement Series School in 2010 in Battle Ground, WA, I am also happy to give our four-legged friends the benefit of living without pain. The training for the animals has given me a greater appreciation for the human body and how it operates and heals.

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