Gene Suzuki, PT

Back in 1973, my pastor recommended that I learn deep tissue massage from Mr. Cromer, a licensed physical therapist.  Mr. Cromer was grandfathered into the PT profession after working in his field since the 1930’s.  He told me I needed to get my physical therapy degree before he could consider mentoring me so six years later in 1979, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Loma Linda University and immediately began my apprenticeship.  Mr. Cromer had had forty-three years of experience in his hands and for the next three months I tried to learn as much as I could from this masterful therapist.

Since that time, I sought to learn other highly effective therapies:  Feldenkrais work, Orthobionomy, Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Release, Integrative Manual Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and others.  I have spent the last ten years studying and practicing Lowen Systems Manual Therapies.

Frank Lowen, LMT is the developer of this discipline.  He taught Craniosacral Technique at the Upledger Institute and eventually directed the Visceral Manipulation program in North America. Frank studied for about fifteen years under his mentor, the developer of Visceral Manipulation, Jean-Pierre Barral, DO.  Because of his highly developed tactile skills, he was able to detect biorhythms, patterns and motilities in the body heretofore undiscovered.  He was able to bring about remarkable changes in the body by facilitating these inherent, self-corrective forces.

I have taken all the coursework available in the Lowen Systems and am currently involved in the Mentorship track.  I feel that this work is the most effective manual therapy I have studied to date and am pleased to offer it through A Turning Pointe Physical Therapy. For more information go to:

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