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A Warm and Happy Thanksgiving to you all

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends

I opened A Turning Pointe Physical Therapy in 2003 and Medical Lake Physical Therapy in 2005.  Though I’m proud of our efforts and the wonderful staff with which I’ve been blessed, we would not have survived without the loyal patients that have come to our clinics for our unique style of healing.

Time and time again, we have had  folks comment to us that it’s our tailored, one-on-one sessions and our personal touches that make their visits both effective and memorable.

I’m thankful that the vision that I had for our clinics has come to fruition and I’m thankful for all the wonderful people from our community that I’ve been able to meet.

May I share with you one of my favorite seasonal recipes with you?  I’ve had this one since 2001 and, with minor modifications, have made it very friendly to those with health or digestive issues.

Pumpkin butter - ATP - MLPT - danscpe

Pumpkin Butter

30 oz of pumpkin puree 
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 Tbsp pumpkin pie spice
7 grams (1 small packet) of unflavored gelatin

Combine all in  medium saucepan and stir constantly at medium to high heat until mixture begins to pop.  Then, turn heat down to low and cook (stirring constantly) for 5 minutes.

Remove from heat and place in a glass jar or container in the refrigerator.  Serve on graham crackers, as a cookie topping or eat by the spoonful.

I hope that you can make as much use of this recipe as I have over the years.  Thank you to all the years of your patronage and friendship and I wish you the Happiest Thanksgiving possible.

Nola Petrucelly