E-mail Correspondences

Dear Valued Clients,

Thank you for choosing Turning Pointe Physical Therapy, Inc. for your physical therapy needs.  We are excited to provide you with the highest quality of care.  In the interest of quality and excellence, keeping costs down is a big factor. In order to keep costs at a reasonable level, as well as expedite customer communication, we would like to start sending correspondences via electronic mail (e-mail), such as Billing Statements, Payment Receipts, New Client Intake Forms, etc… If you are interested in receiving these correspondences via e-mail, and allowing us to not send them via the standard postal service, please send an e-mail message to the address below stating as such.

Example: “I, Jane Doe, agree to have all correspondences sent via e-mail and will no longer desire a paper copy.” If you desire a specific paper copy, such as annual statement, sent via postal, please state that in your response, otherwise, all correspondences will be via e-mail upon receipt of your message.


Nola B. Petrucelly, CEO                                     E-mail: admin@turningpointept.com