The Roots and Philosophy of DMI by Frank Lowen

A Turning Pointe PT has always been proud of our association with Frank Lowen and his associates.  Many of our therapists have attended Dynamic Manual Interface training sessions that he has moderated and they always return wiser and with a greater sense of healing and a greater awareness of the capabilities of the human body.

In his newest book, The Roots and Philosophy of DMI, Frank highlights how DMI came about, the influences on him and his practice, and his vision for the application and evolution of DMI.  “A beautiful blending of art and science, DMI uses the body’s self-corrective mechanisms to restore balance, accelerate healing, decrease pain, and improve mental clarity.”

A few words of praise for Frank and his book:

“Frank Lowen performs miracles with his hands on even the most difficult patients and the illnesses they present with. Effortlessly bridging the gap between science, anatomy, and healing, Lowen has the gift of communicating what he perceives with his hands, his outer and inner vision, and his unique intelligence. Lowen is one of the most gifted healers of our time. I am excited that finally this sensitive, beautiful, and important work is now in writing and accessible to all of us.”
—Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, founder of the American Academy of Neural Therapy

“Frank Lowen has once again shown himself to be a master pearl diver. He dives into the ocean of information and consciousness, and subtly brings up the most exquisite pearls.”
—Judy Osborne, PT, LMT, LAc

You’ll find the book available for purchase on Amazon HERE.