Another protest?  Not quite.  Just an idea to nudge you towards better health and a better life.

How does your chronic pain affect your daily life?  Does it make you grumpy towards your family and friends?  Do your co-workers know full well when you’re having a flare-up?  Does the idea of going out and playing in the beautiful fall colors fill you with dread?

The most powerful tool in any person’s care plan is the desire within you to rid yourself of ailments and strive to live a fuller, pain-free life.  You hold the key to your own fitness.

Now, how do you get there?  It’s usually a combination of factors; diet, exercises, visiting your physician and, of course, physical therapy.  At ATP and Medical Lake PT, our therapists give you their full attention for the duration of your visit.  No undertrained PT Assistants, no under-paid/trained aides that just put hot packs on you.  You get nothing but the full attention of a highly trained therapist that has dedicated to removing or reducing your pain through alternative yet proven therapies.

Rolfing, Somatics, Dynamic Manual Interface, Visceral Manipulation, Pelvic Floor work, Craniosacral Techniques, Trigger-Point….more than I can mention.

Our great folks can only do so much until you great folks decide to take charge of your health.  If you think that physical therapy may fit in with your health and wellness goals, give a us a call or drop us an email to find out how we can help.

“Feel Better!”

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