Understanding Pain

The human body and brain are marvelous devices with interacting complexities that science and medicine are barely beginning to unravel.  Despite the vast amounts of what we don’t know, we DO know quite a lot about pain and pain management.  In just the past five years, we have found that it’s quite often personal and lifestyle choices we make that affect our chronic and persistent pain level more than anything else.  There is a time for pharmaceuticals and there is a time for surgery but those times are not nearly as often as conventional medicine normally dictates.

More often than not, with a stronger knowledge of pain types and how our bodies send and receive pain, we can be empowered to manage or mitigate our pain more effectively.  The end goal is to live a rich and full life, no?  Imagine how much improvement there could be in your life with your persistent pain reduced by 50%.  How about 25%?  While the goal is a 100% reduction in pain, any lessening is an improvement.

The amusing video below explains, in clear and simple terms, how pain works and affects us.  Simply by understanding pain better, we can make positive choices in our own care.

Watch, learn and, go ahead, “Feel Better!”