To Life!

Allow me to crow about a project that I’m involved in……and that I would love your support with.

I have scratched an item from my bucket list.  After finding reasons over the years to NOT try it, I have finally run out of excuses and have auditioned for a community theater production; Lake City Playhouse‘s upcoming presentation of Fiddler on the Roof.  For many years this has been my favorite production, with many reasons why.  It touches on a whole host of themes that relate to family, faith, friendship and the ability to live life regardless of the oppressive circumstances.  Plus, the music, songs and dances are simply fantastic!

With Steve Kane as Tevye and Renei Yarrow as Golda leading their family and fellow villagers through their struggles, you are certain feel the richness of this wonderful story.  Under the creative direction of Abbey Crawford, accompanied by the beautiful music created by Carolyn Jess and with the invigorating choreography of Ali Waud, this production is sure to please all comers.

I invite you and your family to support local businesses, community theater, and of course, me.  For tickets of any information, please call Lake City Playhouse at 208.667.1323.