It happens to the best of us.

You injured your knee playing basketball 25 years ago.  Now after years of compensating, your hips and lower back are paying the price.

Your second pregnancy shifted your pelvis a little too far and it’s not shifting back.  Or…

You jump for your toy and come down on your tail, cracking a vertabrae.  It happens.

The bodies that we are given are a unit with individual yet connected parts.  It may be your back or pelvis or tail that’s hurting but the cause or effect may be elsewhere.  Enzo’s broken tail, if not given proper attention, would affect the sway of his hips as he runs.  Soon after that, his lower back would be affected, too.  Instead, with a bit of acute care from our Vet and ongoing therapy in the form of PEMF and manual therapy, our boy will be a happy, playful pup very soon.  He is a perfect analogy for how we can all bounce back after most of life’s bruisings.

What is PEMF? In brief, it is an electrical device that uses magnetism to increase circulation in and around the affected area.  This increases the oxygen level and white-blood cell count in that area and allows your body’s natural processes to work more effectively.  For Enzo, the manual therapy will address the integration and alignment issues and the PEMF will aid in the battle against swelling and infection.  He’ll be out chasing chickens and goats again in no time.  If all goes well, he’ll be doing so without an extra wiggle in his backside.

Think about all those old injuries that you’ve had.  How have they affected your gait over the years.  By leaning a bit further to the left to ease the pain on your right knee, for example, you’re putting extra stress on other parts of the body.  If we can address the root cause, you may have to relearn how to stand up straight again, but you’ll be taller and stronger because of it.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your tail in here!