Il Principesso Enzo

Sometimes, a dog is more than just a dog.

Our new friend, Enzo, is our therapy dog in-training.  The goal is to get him to the point where he can be an island of calm for our patients to rest on during their therapy sessions.

At times, a person’s physical pain, mixed with their trepidation about a new type of therapy can make that person remain tense and hold on to their pain and tension.  Enzo has shown an aptitude for helping our patients rest easy during their visits so that the practices we perform can take hold easier. His warm presence and his gentle demeanor make him a wonderful companion on your path to wellness.

Our dear friend and patient, Vera, loves him so much that her visits with Gene wouldn’t be the same without the little prince.  When she arrives, her first words are regarding Enzo.  “Where’s the little boy?”, she says and they’re both so happy when he gets to sit with her for a bit.

Most of Nola’s clients can expect a visit from him while they’re on the table but he is often on-hand in the lobby greeting visitors and keeping them entertained until their therapist is ready.

No dogs are fully hypo-allergenic but Enzo was selected partially because of the nature of Italian greyhounds to have a coat that is less prone to shedding and dander.  Plus, he’s so dang cute!  For our visitors that wish a dog-free experience, please let us know and we’d be happy to find another place for Enzo to be during your visit.

Enzo and all the staff would love to have you come in and “Feel Better”.

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